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Selena Gomez Announces ‘Rare Beauty’ Makeup Line.




Selena Gomez Announces
‘Rare Beauty’ Makeup Line On Feb. 4, Gomez took to Instagram Live to announce the launch of her new makeup line, Rare Beauty. She talked about how much time
she's spent on the project, describing
it as “really exciting and special.” Selena Gomez,
via Instagram She went on to say that
Rare Beauty was
“not just a brand,"
but a “lifestyle.” Selena Gomez,
via Instagram Gomez also said that she wanted her fans to
help “build the brand,” as she wants it to be a
community filled with “real” stories and people. Selena Gomez,
via Instagram Rare Beauty will be available at Sephora
in the U.S., Mexico and Canada this summer
with plans to expand globally in 2021.